Satoshi Bakery - CryptoCurrency Faucet, earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Crypto for Free!

Satoshi Bakery - Earn free Bitcoins,Ethereum and other CryptoCurrencies using our Faucet - General info

  • What is Satoshi Bakery?
    SatoshiBakery is a site repository with everything related to crypto. We have wide variety of faucets where you can claim free Bitcoins, ripple, etereum, bitcoin cash and many other Crypto currencies. We also have a wide variety of other crypto-useful sources such as calendar and list of all ICOs/token sales, statistics of ICOs and returns and there is also a site dedicated to upcoming bitcoin forks and analytics of previous Bitcoin Hard Forks.

  • Initial Coin Offerings ICOs - Token Sales date list Calendar?
    You can see all upcoming, live and finished ICOs on our pages.

    List of All token sales - Calendar
    Live ICOs
    Upcoming ICOs
    Finished ICOs & ROI on ICO

  • Bitcoin Hard Forks
    You can view the list of Bitcoin Hard Forks(chain split, each following their own rules) that are upcoming and those that have already happened - and their market share.

    List of Upcoming Bitcoin Hard Forks
    List, market share and Analytics of past Bitcoin Forks

  • Faucets
    We have faucets for many cryptocurrencies from free Bitcoin, free Ethereum, Free Ripple and many others, where you can claim small amount of that cryptocurrency for free.

    Bitcoin(BTC) Faucet
    Bitcoin Lightning Network Faucet
    Ethereum(ETH) Faucet
    Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Faucet
    Ripple(XRP) Faucet
    Litecoin(LTC) Faucet
    DASH Faucet
    STEEM Faucet
    LBRY(LBC) Faucet
    Swarm City Token(SWT) Faucet
    Blackcoin(BLK) Faucet
    Primecoin(XPM) Faucet
    Peercoin(PPC) Faucet
    Dogecoin(DOGE) Faucet

  • What is a CryptoCurrency Faucet?
    Faucet is a system, where you can claim rewards in the form of Crypto Currencies completely for free. All you have to do is choose the Cryptocurrency of your choice, enter your address and repeat with the minimum of 15minutes in between each claims. We check accounts several times a week and generate payouts to the addresses that collected amount above minimum payment threshold.

  • How can you get Free Bitcoins/altcoins?
    In order to claim the reward, all you have to do is enter your wallet's address and complete a quick captcha. After that the rewards for each address will accumulate! Please note that there is a minimum threshold, which is different for each crpytocurrency and it's listed at each faucet's individual page. However once the threshold is reached, the payment will be scheduled and sent automatically. You can check your current balance on the check balance page.

  • Faucet Info

    • Faucets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, LiteCoin, Steem, LBRY, Ripple, BlackCoin, PrimeCoin, PeerCoin, DogeCoin
    • Timer: 15 Minutes
    • Referral: Click Here
    • All-time Users: 40375
    • Total Claims: 272717