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What is an ICO?
ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and is a way of crowdfunding and raising capital for the project development. Investors usually invest with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once the funding is closed, the tokens are distributed to the investors who participated in the crowdsale.

New way of raising capital
Traditionally the startups had to pitch their idea to various wealthy individuals, venture capitalist firms and funds. Now the company can be simply funded through a Token Sale, which is available globally and not only to institutional investors, but also retail investors. Some tokens sales raise as much as tens of millions in under a minute.

New way of raising capital
Usually before the ICOs only the Venture Capitalist funds, firms and wealthy individuals had access to the high-yield investments. With the ICO scheme, pretty much anybody can invest in a token sale and if the project succeeds, enjoy the x100 or perhaps even x1000 returns. It's important to note that the regulation was there in place so average people would not be lured into scamms. With these ICOs it's on the investor to be EXTREMELLY careful when making such investments. This is currently a highly unregulated market, filled with scammers preying for their victims.

It's on the buyer to deeply look into the token sale and decide whether is it a safe investment or not. Note that you should never invest more than you are willing to lose. For more guideliness on investing in ICOs, check out SEC ICO guideliness

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- Investy

Investy is a platform for decentralized investments

Ends in: 1 Hours
- Krios

Decentralised digital marketing platform

Starts in: 23 Hours
- Opporty

Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and selfregulated knowledgesharing community platform

Ended: 232 Days Ago
- Chainium

We are reinventing the global equity market

Ends in: 13 Hours
- Scorum

Scorum is the first sports social media powered by blockchain

Starts in: 17 Hours

First Ecomining in the World Recycling platform on the blockchain

Ended: 233 Days Ago
- MiniApps.pro

AI and Blockchain Powered Chatbot Ecosystem

Ends in: 1 Hours
- Skraps

Invest your spare change into diversified portfolios of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets

Starts in: 1 Hours
- Multibot

A multifunctional multithreaded trading platform in the cloud

Ended: 234 Days Ago
- NOVAcool

The first immersion cooling system for PC

Ends in: 13 Hours
- Bitnation

Pangea Arbitration Token PAT powers the Pangea Jurisdiction

Starts in: 13 Hours
- Remechain

A Global Market place for the safe and secure trading of secondary metals

Ended: 234 Days Ago
- LiveEdu

LiveEdu is powering global online education with blockchain smart contracts

Ends in: 1 Hours
- Dogezer

DoSoftwareTogether Dogezer is a software development platform that allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and labor

Starts in: 14 Hours
- Safe Child Future

The child safety system that will be used to protect children on the roads and streets

Ended: 235 Days Ago
- REGA Risk Sharing

Aims to unlock the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional insurance industry

Ends in: 12 Hours
- AidCoin

AidCoin is the token for charitable giving built on Ethereum Blockchain

Starts in: 19 Hours

A ProofofAsset Protocol that brings together BankasaService and Blockchain technology to evolve capital markets Tokenization of realworld and financial assets

Ended: 235 Days Ago
- Cryptotask

First fully scalable decentralized freelance task market

Ends in: 13 Hours
- Colu Local Network

A decentralized payment system powered by everyday consumption

Starts in: 15 Hours
- Confideal

Escrow Platform on The Ethereum Blockchain

Ended: 236 Days Ago
- EtherSport

Online Sports Lottery Platform with Provably Fair Results 15 Profit Share for Token Holders

Ends in: 14 Hours

The ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency

Starts in: 9 Hours
- Blockbid

Blockbid is an ultrasecure exchange with the goal of facilitating the highest volume of trades for the most cryptocurrencies with a single login

Ended: 237 Days Ago
- indaHash

Indahash is tokenizing the influencer industry

Ends in: 16 Hours

A new era of cloud computing services powered by blockchain technology

Starts in: 13 Hours
- WandX

Decentralized financial instruments on ERC20 tokens

Ended: 237 Days Ago

AI Platform for investment and personal finance

Ends in: 1 Hours

Social Ecommerce VRspace With CryptoEconomy powered by Blockchain

Starts in: 1 Hours
- Brickblock

Brickblock offers the possibility to invest cryptocurrencies in real estate ETFs coin funds and more

Ended: 237 Days Ago
- Debitum Network

Borderless SME business financing

Ends in: 16 Hours
- Play2live

The first decentralized streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans

Starts in: 18 Hours
- Synapse

Decentralized Data and AI Marketplace

Ended: 237 Days Ago
- kevin

kevin is an innovative online banking service that allows to easily link and manage different crypto accounts and bank accounts

Ends in: 1 Hours
- Requitix

Trusted Token and Confidence System

Starts in: 1 Hours
- AppCoins

AppCoins is the first cryptocurrency for app stores serving 200 million active users

Ended: 237 Days Ago

Revolutionary copytrading platform combined with the most complete infrastructure for investors and cryptocurrency traders

Ends in: 13 Hours
- Cappasity

Decentralized ARVR ecosystem for 3D content exchange

Starts in: 14 Hours
- Happiest at work

Attracting people to work in the clothing manufacturing industry

Ended: 238 Days Ago
- Ethereum High

Ethereum High is a robust and featherlight cryptocurrency designed to hedge the risk of your portfolio

Ends in: 1 Hours
- LiveEdu

LiveEdu is powering global online education with blockchain smart contracts

Ended: 238 Days Ago
- Binary.com

The easiest way to get started in the financial market

Ends in: 1 Hours

Global wireless internet service providerpowered by blockchain

Ended: 238 Days Ago
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