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What is Dash?

What is Dash?
Dash is a digital, peer to peer currency. The name Dash stands shortly for Decentralized/Digital Cash. It can be used to make near-instant and private payments online. It was introduced on 18th of January of 2014 and it's name was rebranded from originally XCoin to Darkcoin and ending up with the rebranded name Dash - Digital Cash. It has a maximum supply of 18,9 Million Dash to ever be created.
All cryptocurrencies originate from Bitcoin - an idea that started the digital revolution. However Dash has quite some fundamental advances to Bitcoin, and is not just a copy. It offers everything Bitcoin does, and much more. Dash enables near instant confirmation times, and unlike Bitcoin - where all the transactions and balances are public, with Dash your financial information, activity history and balances are all private and can not be seen by other parties.

Premine / Instamine and Dash origins
At the launch of the Dash network, large amount, totalling to roughly 1.9Million(about 20% of current supply and 11% of the total supply) coins were mined. This is also known as insta-mine or premine, where developers are the first to mine their coin, before it is released to the greater audience. They get to mine a large amount of coins while it is very easy to do so and developers get their share, and very shortly the difficulty increases drastically and at that point the network is released to the public. This is usually pre-programmed into the source code intentionally . In this way, they get to preserve a large amount of the coins to themself, which is used for funding of the development, or for personal gains - a reward, if their platform suceeds. Note that Satoshi Nakamoto also premined roughly half a million of Bitcoins before others joined the network. It's controversial to some, but to me it seems very reasonable. You deserve a reward for creating something unique that will serve a purpose - a bit of similarity with the traditional markets and stocks, when the company opens to the public, owners get to sell the share of their company and usually they keep large amount of the company. If you own a huge portion, perhaps you have the motivation and will for the platform or project to suceed.

Dash Features and Products
  • PrivateSend
    Privatesend is a process known also as coin-mixing, used to make the transactions untraceable/private. Money is sent from different addresses using masternodes, which makes it hard to trace and match the receivers and senders address, thus making the transaction private.
  • InstantSend
    Is used to enable near-instant transactions on the network. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, where it takes up to an hour or even longer for the miners to mine the block with the transaction and confirm it, using InstantSend the masternodes on the Dash network enable verification of the inputs which can be locked to specific transactions instantly. The instantSend makes the double-spending impossible. If the transaction is not a valid - someone tries to double spend their bitcoin twice, the masternodes will reject the blocks. If consensus is not reached, validation of the transaction will happen normally through mining of the blocks.
  • Masternodes
    With Dash a two tier network is implemented. With Bitcoin, miners(computers, solving algorithms with the hash power) are doing all the work, Dash network is distributed between the regular miners which are creating new blocks and the masternodes, which perform and make PrivateSend and InstantSend possible, as well as the governance functions. The block reward(the inflation) is awarded 45% to the miners and 45% to the masternodes. Remaining 10% goes to the Dash creators, enabling them to continue the development, market and promote the product to the wider audience.

The governance of Dash & how is it Funded?
The DAO which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is in charge of development and promotion of the Dash gets paid 10% of the mined Dash coins. Masternodes get to vote for the eligible participants and choose the winners, which get the funds in so called super block, which occurs the following month. Currently the Dash team employs 30 full time employees and 20 part-time employees, along with the supporting community. Note that the DAO can be anyone, who masternodes vote for and think they deserve to get the reward.

What are the payouts
Currently each claim is reward between 0.00006815 and 0.00013629 Dash, choosen randomly

Daily Bonus
There are many bonuses available for milestones which reset every day!
Daily Claim Bonus Reward
1st 0.00006815-0.00054516
5th 0.00013629-0.00081774
10th 0.00013629-0.00109032
25th 0.00027258-0.00163548
50th 0.00054516-0.00204435

How often can i claim my Dash?
You can claim your Dash every 15 minutes

Minimum payment threshold
Once you make a claim, the record is saved into our database, and once the SUM of your claims reaches the minimum payment threshold, the payment will automatically be sent to your address. You can check balance on the Check Balance page.
Minimum payment threshold for Dash is 0.001 DASH.

You can use Miner Captcha and Popunder ads to increase your payout. Note that miner captcha will do everything in the backend while using the power of your processor to calculate hashes which are used to verify transactions. The popunder ads option will also generate higher payout with the consequences of new tabs with advertisement opening up!

Price Changes
Please note that the rewards are subject to change, due to the volatility of the currency prices, as well as us being a new faucet and rewards have yet to be adjusted for best possible performance! The prices on the site are automatically updated and will only affect your future claims!

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