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What is Lightning Network and how does transacting off-chain work?

What is Lightning Network

Lightning network is an off-chain, layer 2 scallability solution for Bitcoin. Transacting on the most secure blockchain in the world, backed by the most hashpower is expensive and only a limited number of transactions can fit into a block of limited size. A solution to this problem is by using a second layer, off-chain solutions such as Lightning Network. The Lightning Network uses the technology brought up by segwit and enables transacting off-chain. Transacting on lightning network is permission-less and nobody controls your coins. You have full permission over your coins. The trust is still relied to the bitcoins hashpower and cryptography, while a third party hubs(nodes) are used to route the payment effectively - instant and extremelly cheap, making microtransactions possible. With lightning network it's possible to send as low as 1 satoshi in less than a second.

How can i receive payments in Bitcoin on the Lightning Network?
In order to receive the payment on Lightning Network in Bitcoins, you need to have an open channel to the Lightning network.

Payouts will be generated several times a day and all balances with atleast 100satoshis will be sent to your address.
More info coming soon.

BTC Lightning Network Faucet - Earn free Bitcoins instantly using our Bitcoin Faucet on the LN enabling instant and zero-fee transactions!

When will i receive my payout of Bitcoins on the Lightning Network?
Once per hour we will run a check and all Bitcoins collected through this faucet will be sent to your corresponding Lightning Network. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 100 satoshis (0.00000100BTC)

What are the payouts
Currently each claim is reward between 250 and 500 satoshis, choosen randomly

What is a Satoshi
Satoshi is an unit and is the smallest amount of Bitcoin and equals to one hundreth of a single Bitcoin( 0.00000001 ).

Daily Bonus
There are many bonuses available for milestones which reset every day!
Daily Claim Bonus Reward
1st 250-2000
5th 500-3000
10th 500-4000
25th 1000-6000
50th 2000-7500

How often can i claim my Bitcoins?
You can claim your Bitcoins every 15 minutes

You can use Miner Captcha and Popunder ads to increase your payout. Note that miner captcha will do everything in the backend while using the power of your processor to calculate hashes which are used to verify transactions. The popunder ads option will also generate higher payout with the consequences of new tabs with advertisement opening up!

Price Changes
Please note that the rewards are subject to change, due to the volatility of the currency prices, as well as us being a new faucet and rewards have yet to be adjusted for best possible performance! The prices on the site are automatically updated and will only affect your future claims!

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