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What is Litecoin and how does it work?

What is Litecoin?
Litecoin(LTC) is a peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is not operated by any central authority. It was introduced on 7th of October 2011 and is based on Bitcoins source code, technically the architecture is the same with a few changes to the system. It was the first of the cryptocurrencies to adopt Segregated Witness, which enables higher transacting volume with the offchain solutions.

How is Litecoin different from Bitcoin?
Fees paid to the miners using Litecoins are much lower, compared to Bitcoin transaction fees. This is mainly due to the LTC not being used as widely as BTC, and due to the software changes.
Litecoin confirmation times are 4 times faster than Bitcoins, but this is not due to any kind of technology advancements, but due to the block times being reduced from Bitcoins 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes on Litecoin. This also means the inflation rate is roughly 4-times higher than Bitcoins, resulting in total of around 84million Litecoins to ever be produced.
One of the main differences is that Litecoin is using Scrypt hashing algorithm which requires more memory allocation, than bitcoins hashing algorithm SHA-256.

"Satoshi Nakamoto" of Litecoin
Charlie lee, or "Satoshi Lite" as some would call him, is the creator of the Litecoin and is considered one of the main developers for Litecoin. He is largely responsible for Litecoin adopting Segwit. Even though all currencies are decentralized, the development is usually done by centralized teams, but maybe that's what it takes - people who are working for the greater good of the currency will usually unite together. But anyways, anyone can join and contribute to the development, as it's an open source project.

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What are the payouts
Currently each claim is reward between 0.00020010 and 0.00040020 LTC, choosen randomly

Daily Bonus
There are many bonuses available for milestones which reset every day!
Daily Claim Bonus Reward
1st 0.00020010-0.00160080
5th 0.00040020-0.00240120
10th 0.00040020-0.00320160
25th 0.00080040-0.00480240
50th 0.00160080-0.00600300

How often can i claim Litecoin?
You can claim your Litecoin every 15 minutes

Minimum payment threshold
Once you make a claim, the record is saved into our database, and once the SUM of your claims reaches the minimum payment threshold, the payment will automatically be sent to your address. You can check balance on the Check Balance page.
Minimum payment threshold for Litecoin is 0.01 LTC.

You can use Miner Captcha and Popunder ads to increase your payout. Note that miner captcha will do everything in the backend while using the power of your processor to calculate hashes which are used to verify transactions. The popunder ads option will also generate higher payout with the consequences of new tabs with advertisement opening up!

Price Changes
Please note that the rewards are subject to change, due to the volatility of the currency prices, as well as us being a new faucet and rewards have yet to be adjusted for best possible performance! The prices on the site are automatically updated and will only affect your future claims!

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